Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Cars Land & the West Covina Obon

So, we visited Disney's California's Adventure and got to see the new Cars Land.  It is pretty awesome as you get to walk down (an extremely crowded) Radiator Springs.  (It really feels like you're in the movie)  I think the wait to ride the main ride was 4-5 hours, so we passed.  We did take Cameron on Tow Mater's Junkyard Jamboree and he loved it!  (We loved the new Ghiradelli's Ice Cream Shop by the Wharf area!)  Cam hit the magic height of 40 inches, so he can now ride almost anything at Disneyland.  (his head barely scrapes the bottom of the measuring stick.)  He got to ride Soarin' and really enjoyed it.

This Saturday is the West Covina Obon.  (1pm-6pm)  They feature good food, good produce, good performances, and dancing when the sun goes down.  Unfortunately, Clayvision won't be there this year.  (No, we're not going to be at Disneyland...)