Monday, June 27, 2011

West Covina Obon Recap

At the outset, our sales were rather (really) slow at the Obon, however things picked up at the end of the show.  Their entertainment program ran (really) late and kept the captive audience in the gym well over an hour past the normal end time.  Not to mention it was (really) hot outside.

I ate a mixed plate of chow mein, gyoza, fried rice, and cha-shu at the show.  I then washed it down with two tamales with chili.  (Funny, how tamales are a staple of Japanese festivals...)

Monday, June 20, 2011

Father's Day Recap and Show this Saturday

Our next show is this Saturday, the 25th, in West Covina.  They are having their annual Obon with dancing, entertainment, crafters, wonderful food, and fresh fruit and vegetables.  (Including cool mixed veggie bags!)  I believe it starts around 2pm and goes throughout the night.  (I think the craft vendors are only there until about 6pm.)  Come out and have some fun and good food.

Father's day was quite enjoyable.  (Burgers, shrimp, pie, family... )  It's a strange feeling being a Dad now as this day was always about my father and father-in-law, never about me.  Thanks Cam!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Father's Day Weekend and Amazing Japan Recovery Pictures

Hope everyone is planning for a terrific Father's Day weekend.  Our next show is next weekend in West Covina as Obon season begins.

Here is a link to some amazing Japan recovery photos.  Before and after pictures.  I can't imagine any other country that can work together as well as their citizens do.

Recovery Article

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Sansei Wrap-up and More (Good?) Memories

Thanks for all the purchases at the Sansei League Closing Ceremonies.  Great weather helped too!  Another memory of mine from Sansei League was sitting on the bench and the coach asking me to start warming up.  We were getting pounded, so get the next pitcher ready... right?  (Well, except for the fact that he never had me practice pitching before.)  I think I threw about 3 pitches on the sideline and then he goes to the mound and waves me in...  (Great, I'm not warmed up, I've never pitched in a game or practice before, and I am very nervous!)  He gives me the ball and says not to worry about the runner on first, just let him run.  (Luckily, thanks to all my baseball knowledge, I tell him that I can pitch out of  the stretch position and we can hold the runner on.)  I think I gave up a hit and got an out, before one of my friends came to the plate and blasted one over the left field fence and off the roof of a house.  Fond memories...

Friday, June 10, 2011

Show Sunday and Storage Containers

We have the Sansei League Closing Ceremonies on Sunday at North High.  Hopefully the weather will be nice!  It's scary that all of our friends that we used to play with in the league now have kids in the playing in the same league...

I can't get enough of watching "Storage Wars".  (The TV show where it shows people bidding on abandoned storage units.)  I happened upon it one day and watched the bidding.  But, then I had to keep watching to see what they actually got out of the unit.  It's interesting seeing what people leave in a storage unit and even more interesting watching people fight over it.  (They have some interesting personalities...)

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Sansei Baseball Closing Ceremonies Craft Show this Sunday

We will be at North High in Torrance from 11am to 2pm for the Closing Ceremonies of the Sansei Baseball League.  (That brings back some memories.)  I remember playing softball against the girls on that last day.  I was the second baseman and they all kept trying to hit the ball at me.  (Not because they liked me... that's how out of place I looked playing sports!)  Girls will do anything to win...

Monday, June 6, 2011

Luau Recap and Picnic Preparation

We/I had a lot of fun at the JAO Luau on Saturday.  Great food and entertainment made for a great evening.   Our new credit card swiper worked great indoors!  (Everyone likes signing on the screen.)  Now, we have to get ready for the Sansei League Picnic this Sunday at North (Torrance) High.  I guess we'll have to restock on our new big journals, which did really well on Saturday.  (The winner was the Saimin journal!) 

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Thursday Already? June Already? Show Already?

When did it become Thursday?  I guess the holiday really made the week go fast.  When did it become June already?  I thought it was still mid May!  (I guess I better pay some bills.)  Show on Saturday?  Looks like it's time to pack the van for another show.  JAO Luau on Saturday night in Downtown LA.  (And I'm goin' solo this time...)

Cameron had his first dentist visit last week.  You should've seen all the assistants (I think, 5) they had in the room to hold him down... although, they weren't needed.  (I guess some kids really put up a fight!)  Everything went well, no fights and no cavities.  (I guess that peanut allergy has one good use: it keeps him away from almost all sweets.)