Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Spring Show Season 2013

Hope everyone is doing well in 2013.  It's time for the Spring Show Season, albeit a very short season.  We have a total of 4 Spring shows: Nisei Week Luau (this Saturday), Krafty Delites (this Sunday), So-Phis Fashion Show (next Saturday), and A Time for Sharing (May 5th).

We are blowing out our old inventory.  Look for $5.00 ornaments, $5.00 Swarovski Bracelets, $3 Mirrors, $5 Big Frames, and more.  Almost everything will be on sale.  (And you know how much stuff we bring.)

In case you forgot how fast time flies, here is a reminder.  Cam is almost 4 and a half now.  (When did this happen)  Kindergarten is coming fast!  (Although his birthday is late in the year, so he gets an extra year of Pre-K)